Saturday, July 11, 2015

Azone doll: Lil' fairy Vel, regular version

That's it, I have all four of them. When I discovered the Lil' Fairy, I really like Lipu and Erunoe but I wasn't really sure about the regular Vel version. Then, I got the Special doll show limited version of Vel at the doll show 43 so I was even more undecided about the regular Vel version. The regular version and the limited version are identical, except for the hair. A few days ago, the price of the regular version totally dropped so I decided to get her anyway. I really don't regret. She has wavy shiny long white hair with blue purplish reflect to them, so she looks like a twin to my first Vel with a different personality. That's so Awesome. 
Here are some pictures. And this time I added some blog exclusive pictures and I can say it's tickling me to add it straight away to the facebook page

As usual, it all started with a box. Actually I got really lucky because my boyfriend got the box delivery while I was sleeping. Normally the door bell always wakes me up but this time it didn't. 
 Here is the little prison in her box.
 Close up, she is already smiling.
And here she is! All freed.

Her hair goes to the side so that we can see her eyebrow a bit better than for my other lil' fairies.
I am not really sure why but the red hats don't really fit that well, the blue and brown hats fit a lot better. It seemed that the hats of both my Vels have been made a bit too small.
 Gorgeous hair in the wind. Since I accidentally got this sort of picture for my other Vel, I became a fan.  
The twins want the say: "Hello!"
 They do look alike but maybe not as much as I was expecting which is rather good.
See she already got rid of the annoying hat.
Close up!
 It's a twin story, mirror game.
Are you me? Am I you?
 Playing with a real mirror.
Group picture 1!
Group picture 2! They are already more chatty!
 And the last picture with a fairyland background. Not the best pics ever unfortunately. I'll need to go out and find a nice place.

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