Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Avalon

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday cinema. This week we will talk about Avalon, a pretty weird movie is you ask me. Avalon is a Japanese-Polish movie, directed by Mamoru Oshii who also directed Ghost in the shell.

The story: People are addicted to an illegal virtual reality game called Avalon. Ash likes to play it solo. She was member of a team before and never found a better one since it broke down. The leader of that team, Murphi, ended up at the hospital in a coma after following a ghost created by the nine sister. The little girl's ghost only appears to really skilled players and Ash also saw her. She decided to risk following the ghost and complete this quest too.

My feelings: If the world around sucked as bad as it seems it does in this world. I would probably be playing this video game alone with every one else. The world describe outside seems empty and the colors are of. I pretty much like the fact that it is all in sepia, that gave a really look effect to the game environment then I was surprised when it was also all sepia out of the game. It is a pretty weird movie and it has lots of lessons about life and I would recommend watching it. It was however really slow moving which made it a bit hard to go through. This movie has an ending left for interpretation, so here I was trying to give you clue about what I think but I'm not sure if it makes sense.


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