Monday, May 4, 2015

Pullip doll: Sakura and Sakura

The Sakura were blooming and what better than to talk Sakura Miku (in her Alice dress) and take out out for a photo session with the Sakura trees? 

There is a red bridge on the way to the temple's stairs and there are sakura tree branches all over it. I wanted a picture of Miku there but it's kind of funny to have a 1/6 scale doll on a human scale bridge. She seems so tiny and lost.
Then she lay down on the branches to take pictures with the blossoms. So I had to hold her there to make she that her weight didn't make her fall off and take the pictures are the same time.
 A sort of acrobatic shot really, not only for her but for me too. Sometimes it would be good to have more arms. 
 I think this bridge picture is better on this scale because we don't know how big the bridge is compare to the doll. Though the bottom of it was so dirty.
 We didn't climb the stairs to the temple. It's a pretty long walk and the temple is not really impressive. It's small and a bit far from home. But we still took some pictures on the stairs.
 I like the way her hair fall in a curvy-wavy way at the bottom.
Let's sit near this stone.
 More of a portrait shot.
 Back at the bridge but this time I figure she might as well sit at the top. Any I finally managed to get the sakura tree is the background, even though the back ground is blurry.
 Another portrait.
 I realised I tend to take more picture of the doll on the right side of the picture so here is one of her more on the left side. Which do you prefer?
 And at last, sitting on the fence. I thought this one would be funny.

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