Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jackfruit (A-to-Z challenge 2015)

Hello and welcome to a new fruity A-to-Z challenge post.

Today we have a surprise guest. The Jack fruit.

Oops, wrong one. That's a Jack-in-the-box, let me go find my other Jack... here we go. I was saying, the Jackfruit, you can just call him Jack for short if you want to.

 You would thing that this one is not really so exotic right, seeing it's called Jack and all. But it actually comes from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. And the super surprising things about it is that despite being big and all it's from the same family as the mulberry. Here we go all berry again, which is pretty bad ass from Jack.

That's how it all happened. The berries were having a party, only berry invited.
The guy at the entrance was screening them and had already told the citrus to go home.
Jack arrives, sunglasses and all: Hi man, what's up.
The guy at the entrance (let's call him gate): Sorry, only berries.
Jack: Come on, she is with me.
Gate: I'm talking to both of you.
Jack: Nah man, she's cute and I'm a berry. (I think he might have brought a banana with him)
Banana: Leave is alone Jack, he won't let us in, I told you.
Jack what makes you thing I'm not a berry.
Gate: Come on, you're way to big to be a berry.
Jack: I've be working out, you know what that is *pokes at gate who must have been a watermelon*
Gate: Yeah I know, hahaha
Jack: so come on, let us in, see my skin I have all the tiny little thing, it runs in the family, I'm mulberry's cousin.
Gate looks at him close.
Jack: Come on man, I promised my girl she'll have a good time.
Gate: Ok, you two can get in.
And here we go, Jack entered the party and everybody believed he was mulberry's cousin. Mind you fruits don't have ID card.

You don't believe me well

Damn I wanna play!

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1 comment:

  1. LOL -- this is awesome. I'm not sure I've even SEEN a jackfruit, but now I want to invite one to the next party I go to. :)