Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 10

I'm trying to find a concept for the Demon World cover. I already have something that will involve a sort of planet in the end of a girl at the moment, but I didn't come to draw it yet so I'll continue giving you some pictures found online instead.
Anyway, let's continue with the demon fight since we had left last week in the middle of a mad Kael fighting Davon. Who is your favorite demon so far by the way?

The fight wasn’t that interesting. Torsti yawned and stopped playing with his hammer. The other demons around were just watching. He made a move to get up but Odeon made him fall back on his seat with one gaze, telling him to just wait a little longer.
“Maybe I should take bets,” Lonan said laughing. “I’m betting the funny one, is gonna win!”
Davon rolled on the floor for the second time. The corner of his wing was burning and he didn’t have time to remove the flame from his trousers yet. He took few seconds to get rid of them and stood up. Kael was already near the table ready to grab Lonan.
Yue closed his book noisily, making sure to be noticed.
“If I were you, I go back to my seat and stay quiet a little”, he said.
Kael stopped in his motion to look at him.
“Oh, yeah?” he said, he was fetup with Yue’s superior attitude. Yue needed someone to put him back where he belonged. Kael had seen others try before him, he knew Yue’s tricks, it was time to act now.
“Yeah,” Yue said standing up. “You’re giving me a headache.”
He took few steps toward his room avoiding Kael who was going back to Lonan. He was ready to grab him by the neck, the three brother still hadn’t moved.
“Oh and one advice, if I were you, I wouldn’t touch the little one either,” Yue said opening the door of his bedroom.
“Are you menacing me?” Kael said turning around to face him.
Yue smirked and closed the door behind him, Davon jumped on Kael from behind winning the fight. Having someone you're fighting anywhere near your wings was fatal for a demon, Kael felt on his knees.
“I should have been more concentrated,” Kael thought.
Davon ported a high blow in his neck making him fall on the floor head first, unconscious.
“I guess I lost my bet then,” Lonan said looking annoyed. 
He stood up near Kael and kicked him in the lower ribs. Davon pushed him away rashly and ordered his clothes.
“So who is next, I don’t have all night,” he said.
The other demons look away. They were not really scared of Davon, but the guys behind him seemed rather impressive. They had befriended Yue after all. If any of them was to do something to the little one, they were starting to wonder what Yue would do.
“Good !” Davon said. He was out of breath but was trying hard not to appear as such. “Now everyone from Kael’s room go pack your stuff and try to find space in another room.”
The demons look at each others, there was a thought of unfairness written all over their faces but it was the rules. Kael had lost, but if they had imagined the consequences, they would probably have tried to help him. They walked to their room looking tamed and resigned. Davon wanted to be finished here as soon as possible he needed to breathe. The dangerousness of the atmosphere was suffocating him. This basement was like a pressure cooker without a hole from which the vapor should escape. Having demons in such a state was dangerous, demons were an highly rebellious species but it was all the plan of the Hunters. To make them mad and dangerous, to increase their will to fight to death, they would have absolutely no problem to direct them to blow apart an enemy. They would blow everything on their way, independently of who had cost their wrong. They would even probably blow up each other in the process. Demons were not good with social interactions, with group work and common effort, when things were to get started, Davon wanted to be as far away as possible. The World was changing fast, faster than he had imagined and the psychological games of the Hunters was far more advanced than he had realized, it was just a miracle that he was still alive, and he was probably owning it to Yue.

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