Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Misery

Welcome to a new Tuesday cinema dedicated Writer Movies, and this week we are going to talk about another Stephen King's novel based movie: Misery.

The Story: Succesful novelist Paul Sheldon is sick and tired of his successful series starring character Misery. He decided to write something else entirely and as usual went to a hotel in the mountain to finish his manuscript. As he goes out, however he is caught in a snow storm and rescued by nurse Annie Wilkes, his number one fan. He has multiple fractures in his leg and arm and can't move by himself, however Annie decides to nurse him back to health. Paul's last Misery books comes out and Annie reads it. That's when the trouble begins, Misery is dead.

My feelings: It's good to be rescued but not really when the rescuer is a total psycho with so much passive aggressivity bottled up that it finally leaks out. This story shows a very dark side of fandom. The side in which people don't really live for themselves anymore, but identify so much with a virtual character that they lose their freaking mind. Not that Annie was ever normal anyway. I wonder how she managed to end up in such an isolated part of the world without everyone in the little town nearby, being suspicious of her. At the same time Paul needed to be shaken a bit. I don't see myself writing a series I don't like just for the sake of money, that would be like selling my soul. Of course, he was already on the way to change and torture was probably not the kind of help he needed but there was something about him that needed a change, he didn't seem to feel even a tiny bit bad about killing his character when his readers were certainly devastated by the death.


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