Friday, February 20, 2015

Vampire Friday : Vampire Heart 5

Hello everyone, have you been bitten yet? 
So what have I been up to on a vampire level, almost nothing, except for a few debates in Facebook vampire groups here and there and a lot of nice pictures in some other groups, including one that totally killed me with the same concept I wanted on this cover but a way better visual design, bite me. So nothing much but I have some new development for the rest of the draft involving kidnapping. Sounds good?
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Let's get back to Viorel, it seems that things want to get better, at least the others are gone.
And I saw it, bright and orange and red rising slowly through the trees of the forest around the castle. It was so beautiful, and I was scared of it as much as they were. They ran inside the castle and I saw them, at the window of the east tower, looking at me from the shadow. 
I turned to look at it, the sun, I remembered hearing a lot of tales about it, I remembered hearing how dangerous it was for our kind. The most frightening thing possible, the thing we should avoid at all cost, the reason why I was only going out at night and had to come back a few hours before dawn. I tried to remember more, I wanted to know where the feeling was coming from, but I couldn’t. In the intense mix of fear and frustration for being tied up, I stroke the cord against the tree’s trunk as fast as I could, staring at the sun that was coming to get me, looking at the shadow of the forest that wouldn’t be able to protect me much longer.
And it arrived. I glanced at them one last time as the sun reached me, caressing and warming up my skin. It was warm and peaceful. I wondered if that was the sensation you get before dying, that peace. 
What I saw on their faces was a lot different than what I had expected. I suddenly realized why, I was alive, I took a deep painful breath, that was the first time I was actually breathing consciously and that didn’t feel that great, but I thought, maybe breathing was what had kept me alive during this first meeting with the sun.
“I love the sun, I love the sun,” I yelled at them as they started to argue with each other.
I was alive and that felt good, even in the position and state I was in. I stroke the cord against the tree with renewed energy. I was alive, but if I intended to keep it that way I needed to go away from here as fast as I possible. They couldn’t come close to me now and that was my chance. I didn’t know why. There was something in me that was refusing to let me access my memory. The more I tried the more it seemed to evade me. My thoughts felt like the rope I was working on, so thin and so thick at the same time, the closer I thought I was getting from breaking it, the more I hurt myself on the trunk. And finally it broke. I didn’t know how long it took but it broke, I stood unable to move looking around.

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