Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday taster 31: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Let's get back to our parallel slip story unedited (I know the first paragraph is pretty weird). I'm glad I didn't lose you last week with my equations. This week, Frederic is having a new black out. 
My alpha universe is here, the one with all my fundamental choices.
But there is still one thing that I have problems to understand clearly: Time. If every universe, I can access started in the state they were at my birth, how did some of them managed to drift to something so radically different? 
So yes, I will go to university and learn physics and everything I ever wanted to know about my condition, as my mother called it, and that no adult had ever been able to figure out because they didn't want to believe me when I talked about it, or they didn't want to hear me talk at all, or I didn't want to bother with telling them. Well, I'll figure it out by myself.

"Dad," was the last thing I said when my dad broke the hug.
I didn't fall his time, because he still held me when my body stiffened. I still saw the ceiling though when he picked me up.

"What the hell are you doing? Run!" 
I didn't have time to blink that my legs were taking me for a run between the bin bags in a very narrow street. It was dark. Why was I running? I didn't know. Another girl was holding my hand. She had blond hair and was wearing a dress way to short for my taste. That's all I could see from her from behind. She was holding my hand.
I could hear footsteps behind us. I needed to think fast. I wondered what was happening today. It was the second travel and it was also an emergency situation. As I started to really take in this universe, I could smell the garbage all around. How the hell did the other me got herself into a place like this?
I saw a door and pulled the other girl to the side while opening it.
"What are you..."
I put my hand on her mouth and pressed her against the wall, listening for the footsteps to be gone. I was glad I was wearing baskets, I had no idea how she could run that fast on her high heals and I was already exhausted.
I released her slowly.
"I think they are gone," I said, taking my hand away from her mouth.
"They are never gone," she answered, whispering too.
"Oh, that's going to be a problem, isn't it?"
I opened the door slowly.
"Why did you come here for me anyway?" she asked.
I was taken aback for a second thinking that she was talking to me, but apparently she was talking to my other self.
"I don't know, sounded like a good idea," I said.
"The worse ever, Freddy. You barely know me," she said.
Nobody had called me Freddy since primary school, it sounded too boyish.
"Well, I guess, "I don't know" was the right answer then."
I picked outside to see if whoever had been following us was still there, the street was clear. I mean nobody was there except maybe for rats.
"If you didn't come," she said. "I probably... I mean you told me not to come here and I didn't listen to you and..."
"Can we talk about this another time? Like when I'm under my blanket with a hot chocolate," I said.
I had enough trouble thinking about a way to get us out of here, I didn't need her to get emotional on me when she was supposed to get emotional on my other self.
"Sure," she said.
"I thought you were, you know, a bit, tied up," she said, "with the clothes you wear and studying physics."
"Thanks," I said. "Now, let's go." 

Answer to last week's comments.

First, thanks for stopping by, then thanks for commenting, I know last week wasn't an easy one. 
There are physics course on coursera, some are pretty good if you want to try them out, I especially like the one on astrophysics and astrobiology, and it's free too and otherwise, you can always ask me question, after all I'm a physicist. ;) 
Otherwise, I still didn't get to put more equations in the draft yet so I think you'll be safe.

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  1. You did nearly lose me with your equations last week and some of this is well over my head, but interesting. I like her determination, I just wonder if it is ill-advised. xo

  2. Wow, this seems like a much darker universe she has 'slipped' into. I hope she stays safe.

  3. Lovely read and indicative of a very passionate writer! Thank you for letting us have a taste!

  4. I am really enjoying this ....please continue

  5. I'd like to see what next week will hold. Great post.

  6. It's a great story, I'm really enjoying it