Friday, February 13, 2015

Vampire Friday : Vampire Heart 4

Hello everyone, have you been bitten yet? 

No new cover this week, I have been doing other things. Like sewing and trying to catch up with my reading challenge. So I'm still using this cover, according to the feedback it's better because of the visual but it lacks concept like the other with the bitten heart had concept but lacked good visual... I wonder how I'll manage to combine both.

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Let's get back to Viorel who seems to be in a bad place at the moment.

The man looked down and tried to pull away from but the other was stronger.
“But if you really insist on carving his name,” he said, pulling the man closer to me.
I didn’t like the light in his eyes. He tore open the rest of what had been my shirt, with his free hand and put the blade of the man's knife on my chest, I felt the cold of the blade and my heart accelerating. As he pushed in, the man let go of it and it fell at my feet. They were both avoiding looking at me for very different reasons. My supposed father was pushed violently on the floor and the man made a sign for the other to attach me to the trunk.
“You are so weak,” he said, throwing a disdainful look at my supposed father and for some reason it intensified the anger inside of me.
I would have jumped on him if I could have but I couldn’t and, that was the worth part of it, I needed to be smart in the last minute. Would it be possible to run away if I waited? I didn’t know what I was exactly waiting for. They couldn’t possibly all lose their attention over me when I seemed to be the main attraction. The two men put my back on the trunk and attached my wrist firmly on the opposite part. I was counting my chances to either move up the tree or get rid of the cord, but both solutions seemed helpless. My arms in this position forbade me to climb, and I would never be able to get rid of the cord fast enough.
I couldn’t even think about a better way to escape, I was too busy wondering what else they were going to do to me.
The men I hated, stood in front of me smiling.
“Any last words?
I wondered what you could want to say before dying, not that anything could matter that much anymore, they had even decided that I couldn’t have a name. My only thought was to rebel against him, that was all he seemed to deserve, seeing that I was going to win even if I died.
“Not really, but thank for asking,” I said, looking straight at him.
His smile disappeared and he slapped me in the face, making my lip explode or an old cut open, I couldn’t tell the difference. I tasted the blood in my mouth and it tasted good. I still smiled or at least I tried, that was the least I could do. I wasn’t dead yet, I wasn’t even afraid of dying, if my life was to stay there, dying would surely be sweeter.
He was going to slap me again, but something seemed to scare them and I suddenly started to be afraid to.
“It’s time to go back, I would have enjoyed playing with you a bit longer, but you don’t worth my time,” he said, turning around hiding his face in his cloak.
And I saw it, bright and orange and red rising slowly through the trees of the forest around the castle.

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