Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday taster 30: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Let's continue our Parallel Slip story. I guess we could say that we reached chapter two (I never cut the draft into chapters before finishing it so I wouldn't know.) Today we are going to do a little bit of physics. The equation might change a lot in the editing though, as I'm rediscovering General Relativity to try and get it right, which is not yet the case. And I need to make it high school level understandable, not sure how that works out yet. But I guess Frederique should have something plausible by the end of the book anyway, if she had it right yet, she wouldn't need to go to the university after all. 

The universe, or should I call it a multiverse, is entirely based on choices and probabilities. Everytime you make a choice, you create a new universe. 
Let's say that you are tired this morning. Do you snooze the alarm o'clock to stay in bed a little bit longer or do you get up straight away? When you decide to hit the snooze, you go on with your life, but the version of you who wanted to get up straight away still exist. You have just created a parallel universe where everything before the choice is exactly the same, but everything after the snooze becomes different.
You hesitate between three meals at the restaurant, the moment you pick one you created two other you who will eat the other possible meals of your choice, then if the three of you hesitate once again for dessert, each of you created more of yourself.
Every single choice of every single person on the planet at every single time gives a new universe. Can you follow the possibilities? Take the number of choices a person makes per day in average, let's call it C. 
Then take the number of days the same person lives, let's call it Ls. Then the number of people who ever walked on the surface of the planet, Np and you have just created the first set of universes.
So the total number of universes, Nu, in the first set is
But now, in every single universe, every person can make the same number of choices so the total number of universes in the multiverses it
And you need to repeat to infinity because every single person in the newly created universes can make a choice.
So I would say, you can't count the number of universes, it's endless. An infinite number of parallel realities, all different and they all started from universe number one and I would guess that once it's all over, that's where they are coming back.
That's why I'm going to university to study physics. That's why it's so important. I want to know how it works, I want to know if I can choose in which universe I'm going. I can hear you say that if it was true, everybody would be travelling. But here is the last point of my little theory. Everybody can travel, but only one of you, the original. The copies, in the copied universe can't. That's why I'm the only one around blacking out, because there are universes in which my parents never met and were I don't even exist, universe that I can never reach. But this universe is where I was born first and the other version of me from my parents' action, they can be a boy or anything else but they are not me so I will never cross their pathway. I can only travel in the universe that I created and the universes that were created after my birth and in which I already exist. See there is a starting point for everything. My alpha universe is here, the one with all my fundamental choices. 

Answer to last week's comments. 

I don't think she actually knows what's good for her, I don't think anyone really ever does, but escaping her mum is still a must. Even though she has this childish perception of the world around her all in black and white. 
I totally agree with Ray but not only about parents, people who pretend to live totally for others and to be responsible for other I just scared of living their own life in my opinion, that's what I was trying to build with Frederique's mother an exaggeration of that kind of behavior.

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  1. I found this taster really interesting. It made me wish I'd paid more attention in Physics at school. I wonder if I could take a course ...

  2. She MUST be desperate to leave her Mother's clutches if she is going to university to learn that stuff!! I loved science and math, but physics was my downfall! I never know what to expect when I visit your blog, there is a new pic every week and I do not know which one I love the best!! Your comments section is weird. I cannot see what I am typing so I hope it shows up!! I have to go back over it to highlight it to see.

  3. I am usually not into science fiction too much, but I enjoyed the flow of your story. I find myself wanting to see where you go with it.

  4. Ooh, science! Goody! I love the concept of alternate realities.

  5. Damn, science. What an interesting piece. Alternate realities bring me to curiosity.