Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Copycat

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema, this week we are going to see a thriller called: "Copycat".

Story: Dr. Helen Hudson, psychologist specialized in serial killers, became agoraphobic after being assaulted following one of her lectures. She hadn't left her house for more than a year. Yet, when a serial killer hit in San Fransisco, she can't help but call the police to give them valuable information. First skeptical the police finally ask her to help her the man who is reproducing the crime scene of famous serial killers described in her book. She ends up in the middle of the chase.

My feelings: It was an intense movie. The filming when she had to go out was impressive and never was anything easy for Helen. We can also feel her passion for her work from the fact that despite her attack, she is still able to put herself in the line again when other face danger, almost compulsively. The serial killer and the guy who attacked Helen in the first place are both super creepy.


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