Monday, February 23, 2015

Pullip doll: Ears in progress

For my new MIO doll, I intend to make an elf and, who says elf, means pointy ears. However, Pullip MIO all have normal, rounded, human ear, so I had to start this new project by doing something about it. 
I grabbed the Polymer Clay and molded some pointy ears, pullip size to go on the head of my new doll. 

First, I took out the head and my surgical tools, don't ask me the individual names because I have no clue. I sorta know what they are for, at least I can guess. Then the reason why I have so many is because this set was cheaper on amazon than the set of three plastic tools at the craft store so I didn't mind the wait really. Now that everything is here, I can start on the doll making.
I have a pale skin MIO kit. It's not really white and the Polymer Clay is white so I will have to color the Clay a bit more than if it was the same color as the head. I'm ok with that. 
I'm using Polymer Clay that dry on air for two reasons: The first is that I don't have an oven so I can't cook any polymer clay anyway.
The second is that it allows the ear to directly dry on the head. The head can't be baked, it would melt so that's a big advantage to have the clay drying on air.
 I made the left ear in a few minutes, I'm not kidding, I just made a sausage and removes little part until it became pointy and thin enough while still sticking at the normal pullip ear. Then I curved the side, added another little sausage inside of the ear to make some details and carve the inside. Then it was done!
 The right ear took me more than two hours. It was almost impossible to get it symmetrical to the left ear. I had to start all over three times. I was either removing too much stuff or not enough, then the inside wasn't smooth. This is not the final version, the last one is smoother in the middle.
And here I tried them with the wig on and one of the ear decided to point toward the right with the other was pointing straight up. Oops, let's consider the left ear is still perfect and go back to fix the right ear... Again.
After some measurements and adjustment, the ears finally looked correct. Now they have been drying since last Tuesday. Tonight I'll sand them and hopefully start working on the face up.

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