Monday, February 9, 2015

Pullip doll: Galactic Angel Warrior Polaris

Welcome to a new doll post. I'm sure you're getting used to them by now. Today is the make it own story of how I made my last pullip creation.
So let's start with the beginning. I had to tan the face and the entire body of the MIO kit because it was not dark enough, even though it was the darker kit... I don't have picture of the body I might have to retan it a bit more if I want the doll to wear a bikini as some area had trouble to take on the color but for the face it worked out without too much trouble.
Here the color is drying.
 Then I drew the face up, white lips, blue around the eyes, white eye lashes and glitter.
 I added the constellation of the little charriot on the side of her face as she is Polaris.
And here it's drying again. The problem is that the white color disappeared with the msc, so I had to do it all over again.
 I added more glitter, drew the lips again and sewed her wig which is not round like the usual one to keep her stars visible. I also made the eyes with yellow stars in them.
 Her hair can stay in place without the clip, but I still decided to use it. It's the same as Theora's just in a different color. Then started the outfit nightmare as the father didn't arrive yet and I was still trying to put something together. It was not bad, but not really what I had in mind.
 My boyfriend said she looked Chinese as if she was good at Kung-Fu, that was totally not what I intended, a warrior, yes, but galactic not Chidnese.
 Then the feathers arrived. in a small bag that weighted as if it was empty.
 I had to take them one by one to compare size and  to make sure to have the same amount on both wings with the same size, so that the wings looked balanced. Somehow they had more uniform size than expected.
Then started the fun glueing part. That was my first time doing wings. I first glued the wire on a piece of card board. Then covered up with white fabric as the feathers were white.
 And then of course I glued the feathers all over two make two wings.
 Now here is a bad picture of Polaris without the jacket and with the wings, it's already much better.
 And then I added some blue to her outfit. It took me some time to figure out which parameters to use on the sewing machine so that the different part would keep a sort of shape like flying around in the wind. I also added wire on the bodice to properly fix the wings even if they are attached around her body.
 And here is the final version. She now has a necklace as well.
 I added a bracelet to her wrist and to her ankle and some jewelry on her side.
 Better views with a different color background.
 Of course, she has a hidden dagger on the side of her leg, for the warrior part.
 I'm pretty happy with the result.

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