Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: The hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Welcome to not a Thursday, but a Tuesday cinema. Seeing that we have Thursday taster still going strong and that it's easier for me to watch movies at the weekend, I decided to change our movie review day. Now it's also aligned with Belfast's crazy Tuesday with very cheap all cinema shows all day every Tuesdays, someone remind me why I left Northern Ireland again? You got a job! Yes, I got a job, write. Anyway, enough with my life and geography and let's get on with the movie of the day. 
A few weeks ago, I had this two day cinema special hobbit! One and Two

Now it's time to finish the series as I finally saw the last part!

Story: It's no time for the dwarfs to pay their debt to the humans. The village has been destroyed by the dragon, but the dragon is dead and everybody can start to prosper with the gold hidden in the mountain, right? Wrong, Greed is hidden in the dwarf's king's heart and ready to drive him crazy and to have him sacrifice his own people for the gold. But that's without counting on a certain wizard and of course, a hobbit.

My feeling: I'm not really sure what to think about this part. I think it felt a little bit short on emotion compared to the two previous parts. Maybe that was because it was mostly a large battle with individuals in different corners. Of course the deaths were touching but I had trouble to keep the feeling when the movie jumped so readily to another scene with another fight and another death. It lacked a bit of closure which was not well covered by the last conclusive tour between the characters. Somehow the movie seemed to fly compared to the previous one which were a lot more detailed. It is respectively 25 and 17 minutes shorter than the first and second movies and I'm sure a little bit of time would have help making it better. 
My favorite part was still the love story between Tauriel and Kili, I wish they had a lot more time together.  


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