Monday, January 19, 2015

Doll show 42 winter 2015

I went to the Doll Show 42 winter last Monday (sorry for the delayed post I'm a bit out of it all lately... Anyway.)
It wasn't really as expected. I was expecting something big and with a lot of diversity. It was pretty big, as it was on 3 floors plus the 1st floor where they held the last azone released and doller gathering. But there was not enough Pullip for my taste while there was a huge amount of blythes. (I don't like blythes, sorry, I only like them on pictures I'm weird like that.) There was also a lot of very cute bjd, especially from azone and super dollfies
I was looking to buy a little hujoo freya, but I couldn't find one... So disappointed. I still managed to get a wig for one of my new creation which will be presented once done.
There were a lot of clothes and accessories for sale and some amazing wolf head (which I half regret not buying).

Here are the pictures, as they are a lot of them, they are embed from my Facebook page album. If you have a problem viewing them, please go to the Facebook page for Doll and Amigurumi.

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