Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday taster 26: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Let's continue our Parallel Slip story where we left off last week. This week, Frederique is meeting with her little half brother for the first time. 

The blond boy in the back seat next to me looked so much like my dad that it was incredible.
"I'm sorry I broke your play at the zoo," I said.
"Are you kidding? A sister is a lot cooler than a lion," he said. "You're my sister right?"
"Yes," I said.
"I waited for you a long time. Can you walk me to school on Monday? Everybody said that I don't have a sister."
"Jonas, she just arrived, let her relax a little," his mother said.
Jonas pouted.
"I'll love to walk you to school and pick you up, if that's alright," I said.
"See mum, she doesn't mind," Jonas said.
He seemed so happy.
I wonder if I was that happy at his age, my parents had just separated but Jonas didn't let me think about it for too long.
"Dad said you know a lot of stories," he said.
"Something like that," I said.
"What kind of stories?"
"The last one was in a space ship," I said.
I didn't have time to write it down yet. I was still clinging at my brain scan envelop.
"And what happened?"
"There was a girl and she was the captain of the ship," I said.
Jonas frowned.
"Normally, the captain is always a boy," he said. "I could be the captain."
"What happened in that story?" My father asked, looking in the mirror.
I knew he was observing me because I was obviously not ok so I forced myself to smile.
"The captain was left to decide between two procedures to take care of a major problem. The first one was very traditional and what they always did and the second was something new, something unexpected," I said, I realized how it fit what had happened to be today. Instead of following my usual pattern and deciding to stay with my mother, I had jumped on the unexpected and I was in a car with my dad.
"Then, she chose the new one, right?" Jonas said.
"How do you know that?" I asked.
"Because that's what the real men always do," he answered.
"Except that she is a girl," I said.
"Yes, but that's the same, she is in charge anyway," he said.
He was a bit quick to judge for a seven year old and I wondered what kind of bedtime story my father had been reading them.
"Then what happened?" He insisted. "Did it work?"
"Actually the captain wasn't really good with the weapon so when the attack started, she had already left the young man who had figured out the new idea in charge and he jumped to comment and did a great job," I said.
"Did they kiss at the end?" Jonas asked.
"No! Of course not! Why would they kiss? They just met each other."
I could feel myself blush. I had a rather nonexistent love life and I wasn't ready to discuss it, especially in front of my dad.
"They have to kiss," Jonas said. "That's how it works, because he was courageous and rescued her, but maybe they will kiss the next time."
"Hum, I'm not sure about that."
I opened the envelop and pulled out my brain scans.
"What's that?" Jonas asked.
"The picture of my brain, when the story... Appeared..." I said.

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  1. My answer: of course she chose the new way, because doing the same old thing doesn't make a good story!

    I love the exchange between these two. She might feel a bit awkward away from her mother, but it seems obvious this family will welcome her in.

  2. This story is developing on multiple levels really nicely. The introduction of such an opinionated younger brother with her dad is clever. Well done!. xo