Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday taster 21: Parallel slip

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Frederic is still having trouble with her mother, but it seems she is not letting her win this time around.

I didn't know what had gotten into me, maybe it was that I was supposed to get my stuff for university while shopping today, but it didn't happen, because if I hadn't let that guy be in charge the entire space ship might have been destroyed. I didn't know what would happen if I died while blacking out, if I would also die in my original body. But I was trained to make choices and good one, that was the reason I could travel from universe to universe to help people. So I ran and I crossed the streets alone and I ran and I reached home all alone and my mother parked the car just in front of me. 
Running too was forbidden, if I was to black out while running, I could hurt myself. 
"What was this about? Do you know how dangerous it is?" 
"I survived," I said, I wanted to make a point, to make her see that I could do things like a normal person. 
"I can't trust you anymore, you are being reckless for a reason that I can't comprehend," she seized my arm like when I was little, when I did what other kids did like playing on the swing too high or playing on the slide. 
"Don't you understand that you are not like other people? You have never been." 
This time, I pushed my arm away. 
"All my life, I let you decide. I didn't have friends because you couldn't trust them to warn you if I fell, so I couldn't go play anywhere. Do you know what kind of life it is to have to sit in a chair when everybody plays?" 
"It's for your own good." 
"You are fired," I said, "from now on I'll take care of myself." 
"I am not your boss, I am your mother you can't fire me and you will listen to me, no university, no whatever it is that you wanted to prove by running," she said grabbing my arm again. "It's my role to keep you safe." 
She never realized that she couldn't keep me safe. She never realized that I never really blacked out when I was in dangerous situations. Of course, I would fall and hurt myself, but I was more likely to travel when I was at rest than when I was running. I only blacked out once during an exam and that was when I was in primary school. I had been sitting on a chair reading all day because she wouldn't let the teacher let me play at the playground during breaks and the breaks between exams were longer than normal breaks. So I had fallen off my chair in the middle of the exam and I had to take it again the following week. 
"You can't keep me safe," I said. 
Her way somehow was making me more in danger. She dragged me inside of the house. "Don't you dare say that." 
She let go of me in the kitchen. That was the place where she always lectured me for being bad. 
"You know what people already said when your father left us. What do you think they would think of me if I let something happen to you?"

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  1. Over-protection can ruin any relationship. But, that is when she travels, when she blacks out. Very curious piece. I love that twist. xp

  2. oh, a bit of a cliffhanger, eh? What happened with her father? Does he do this and have some insight? I'm curious

  3. This mother is way too restricting; she needs to let her go. What a great post.

  4. Excellent portrayal of a mother as her protector. Believable interaction between child and mother. But will the daughter continue to break her mother's rules?

  5. She obviously seem to need independence, though the mother wants to watch over and keep her close. So typical. The issues need to be discussed. Great taster

  6. Ooooh, very intriguing! Brings to mind a line from Kung-Fu Panda: One often meets their fate on the path they take to avoid it.
    Love it, well done.