Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Cinema: Murder by number

Welcome to a new Thursday Cinema.
This week we have a crime movie! It has been a while. The truth is I didn't know this movie and I took a facebook quiz "Which Sandra Bullock characters are you?" And the answer was Cassie Mayweather, so I had to check it out.

Story: Two high school students decide to try their hands at a philosophy crime. They plan everything perfectly down to the evidences toward someone else and unhelpful clues. What they didn't plan was that investigator Cassie Mayweather believed herself more than all the clues and decided on her own that the case wasn't closed.

My feeling: This was a really good movies, I liked all the characters in it. Somehow I wanted to have the murders running free, but I still wanted Cassie to arrest them. I know I can have very conflicting desire at the same time. The story was really brilliant in the details and realism as well. I liked how most of the characters ran free on emotions without letting it impair their judgement.

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