Monday, December 8, 2014

Pullip making : Princess dress

I think somewhere in me was an intense desire to make beautiful things for a long time and finally with the sewing machine and these pullip dolls I have the opportunity. I mean there is no way I would actually go to places where I can wear that kind of princess dress myself so it's a bit pointless to make one (or a lot) for myself and let it die in the closet. Therefor I'm making them for the dolls instead. It's a lot of fun and also faster than the one for human scale. This one took me 3 days. The longest was to add all the decorations.

I used a lot of beats. I found out that there are always beats embroided everywhere on princess dresses so I decided I couldn't do without. I have pink and silver and the usual white pearl looking one. 
Then I prepared the tissue. The darker one is unseen but it was used for the inner part of the corset. I wasn't sure yet if I was going to use more of it or not at that moment which is why I didn't use the white version.
Here is a little try of the corset one sewn together. I'm always a bit afraid to have made it too short or that it will not look good at the hips but this time around it was fine.
Now is a try on with the skirt and over skirt. I didn't want them to be cut at the back for the velcro so I attached them at the very bottom of the corset where the hips are the largest. You can already see that the decoration bands have been added to both skirt. It's easier to attach them while the dress is still open.
And then it was the turn of the sleeves. The band decoration were also added first then the sleeves were closed and then attached to the corset at the top, which is why they are of the shoulders.
And here is the final version of the dress after adding all the knots and roses and embroidery and beads.
 Portrait of Akemi in her new dress.
Here is a close up on the top of the dress, there are little knot on each sleeves, and a large rose on the left side. I added the same decorative band as on the upper skirt and a row of silver beads at the top.
Here is a close up at the boundary between the corset and the skirt. There are the same heart band as on the sleeves and underskirt, and a group of three little roses and knot on the right side. The opening of the upper skirt is slightly shifted to the right as well due to my anti-symmetrical mind. And I added beads all the way around the upper skirt.
Here you can see the row of beads on the edge of the upper skirt and the embroidery on the underskirt.
Here is a better look at the embroideries, there are composed of pink thread chain and rows of beats and also little pearls white beats on the sides. It looks a bit like a tree. I didn't really plan it so it was a bit random and made on the go. You can also see the row of hearts and the pink and white dentelle used at the bottom.
Then here is a closer view of the sleeve. I used the same pink dentelle and the same row of heart as on the bottom of the skirt.
And here is the princess in her dress. I'm really happy with the result. All she will need now is a cloak to go with. I might have something done pretty soon. I have blue or pink fabric so I'm still wondering which one.

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