Monday, December 15, 2014

Pullip Making: The birth of a strawberry part 1

Because this MIO doll was a little bit tricky and particular, I decided to cut this post in two bits. One for the make up and wig and the other part for the outfit. So please come back tomorrow to check on the sewing clothes part. 

Here is my MIO kid, it's a tan version because I wanted the girl to have a darker skin, there is only 4 choices of MIO kid and I still think the tan is not dark enough. 

As usual I added the Mister Super Clear all over the face and eyelips and let it dry the all day while I was at work.
The idea for this one was the get a strawberry shape on the cheek. This came in several steps. The step was to give a more pinkish color to the entire face of the doll. The pink is then layered up to become red in some area. The problem I had with this technique however is that when adding Mister super clear after each layer, it wasn't always covering the entire cheek of the doll and the next layer ended up a bit lighter on the following layer, which leaded to a color not completely uniform.
Here you can see the second cheek. There are little dark spot on the cheek at the border where the Mister super clear was not fully uniformly spread. I removed some those by removing the layers compromised, but another challenge I had to face was the fact that it's almost impossible to remove a layer without destroying the next. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that as my next project will include a full tan of the entire body.
On the initial project, the entire contours of the eyes were green and the doll had red, green and white lashes. The result was a bit unnatural, so I changed the coloring to yellow in the inside corner and added a black contour and blue lashes. It helped soften a bit the expression of the doll. The last part was to add brush strokes on the green part to give a sort of leave effect to the contour of the eye.
I drew little strawberries on the eyelids, now she does look a bit creepy with eyes closed actually. I wonder if I'll get use to it. 
The mouth way done with paint in three steps. First, I added the red lips and shaped them. Second, I darkened the inside of the mouth to make it look open. And third, I added the white teeth. The white paint was a bit thicker than the rest to make the teeth stand out.
This doll other particularity is that she has "real" eyelashes at the bottom of the eyes as well vs. painted one only. I haven't seen any other doll with that kind of features. I gave her green eyes with a little bit of red.
Here is the final version of the head. I was thinking of cutting the lashes, but I think I'll let them go wild a little bit, that somehow fits the spirit of the doll.

Now let's start with the hair.

First, I had to prepare a crocheted hat. I let a hole in the center to be able to get the hair from the inner side through. I started with a chain of 6. Then continued in circular instrumentation by 6.
This is what it looks like partially done with all the hair up. The hair is sewn three strings at a time, it took me several hours.
Try to see if it fits midway to the end. The wig was already really thick and I still needed to add some strings near to the edge. At that moment I thought that it totally changed her a lot compared to the bald version.
Here is the final result after adding fixing the wig on the doll, pulling her up in a ponny tail with a decorative strawberry hair accessory and cutting the hair around the face evenly.

Please don't forget to come back tomorrow for the details on her outfit.

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