Monday, October 13, 2014

Pullip doll making: The face and eyes

Here is the blank face of the pullip doll. She has really delicate and thin features.
I thought that the first thing I wanted to do with my doll was to give her a face. So I started straight away and worked on the make up. After my first effort, it looked like this.

I added the eyes. Normally you have to pain the plastic transparent eye chip and to glue them in the white parts. As I didn't know what to color I wanted for the eyes, I draw them on paper, then cut them the size of the eyes and place them in. It actually does work pretty well and there is no need for paint or glue. The only problem is that it isn't waterproof, but I won't take my doll swimming either. 
Here is the original face with the eyes and freckles. There was some default with this make up, especially in the eyelashes. And as I didn't use any fixative, it ended up leaking.
Then the fixative arrived. I cleaned the face, spread the fixative, repainted it and spread the fixative again.
New face in progress, I also reduced the yellow area and draw longer lashes.
Then the face had to dry for a while. When I first spread the fixative, I left it dry the all night and worked on the make up the following evening. The next fixative also dried for a day. That might be too long, but I was scared of messing it up again. It's all shiny when wet.

Here is the final result. Pretty?

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