Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday cinema: The fifth element

Welcome to Thursday cinema, this week it's an old one as last week-end I was in the mood to watch The Fifth Element again. 
Storie:  The great Evil is coming back to Earth after 5000 years. Only priest Vito Cornelius knows how to defeat it with the help of the Mondoshawan aliens. The little problem is the Mondoshawan are attacked before they can give him the key to the great weapon. The fifth element, a perfect being is recreated an looking for the keys with the help of Korben Dallas a former major from Special Forces.
My feelings: That movie is deep but also a lot of fun. Deep because even perfection has its limit. Lilu, the fifth element, still has flaws despise her ability to learn fast and fight for what is right. Fun because the villain Zorg is ridiculous. I'm still not sure what he really wants expect for his liking of Chaos. I also like the vision of the future, where people have the same problem but flying cars. I think I would have a lot of trouble with a flying car, you have one more dimension to take into account while driving, like a plane but with a lot of stuff around. All in all, it is an entertaining movie worth the watch and the re watch.

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