Monday, June 23, 2014

Harajuku Kiss Video trailer

About Harajuku Kiss

At time, life can be so depressing. She is walking her usual recovery tour in Harajuku, finishing with a crepe, trying to forget that her boyfriend dumped her once again for the week-end... when the unthinkable happens... A boy stops in front of her in the street and kisses her, in the middle of the street, before running away.

Trying to discover more about him, she is dragged into a dangerous game of mystery. A biologist has been murdered and a deadly virus is on the loose. First suspect: the mysterious Harajuku's stranger.


People always think I am strong but I can get well-bottom-deep low for a guy. As if relationships don’t suit me or something like that. I only attracted problematic men. No matter how much I wanted a loving relationship, I stayed with guys like my ex-boyfriends until they forgot to show up while remaining on my mind. It is said men know almost right away if the woman they are with is the one and that women are more undecided. But me every time I got a new boyfriend I hoped he was the one, and treated him as such. 

I loved guys like him, who didn’t deserve it, too easily, giving one hundred percent of myself. The guy only needed to be nice, as if nice wasn’t something compulsory. 

I rushed a little bit more. I knew that with a crepe in my mouth I would stop thinking for a while. Who could resist chocolate and strawberry? Definitely not me! 

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