Monday, June 23, 2014

Harajuku Kiss Cover reveal

The cover for Harajuku Kiss is here! 

About Harajuku Kiss
At time, life can be so depressing. She is walking her usual recovery tour in Harajuku, finishing with a crepe, trying to forget that her boyfriend dumped her once again for the week-end... when the unthinkable happens... A boy stops in front of her and kisses her, in the middle of the street, before running away.

Trying to discover more about him, she is dragged into a dangerous game of mystery. A biologist has been murdered and a deadly virus is on the loose. First suspect: the mysterious Harajuku's stranger.

Author review
I wrote this book in 2011, when I was depressed. It seemed at the time that I couldn't write anything else for the Demon Series, the main character and her voices were taking all the space. She was depressed too so we became friend. Every time I write a book, people who read it and know me think that I am the main character. To tell the truth, I'm all my characters, or they are all a different little part of me. When I finished writing this book, I still had some work to do on myself to get out of my depressed state but it helped a lot. This makes it something really special to me. It took 2.5 years to have Harajuku Kiss reached the shape it is in not. Things were added and removed but it kept the original flavour. I did a lot of experiment with it and it probably breaks a lot of "writing rules" but that makes it original and different.
Because of this book I learn a lot and I grew up. I hope it will be able to help other people to be at peace with their feelings.

The book goes on sale June 30, 2014! 
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