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Here is a little part of Rainbow Catcher. Jason is gone to the desert to try to get Clarissa the purple rainbow she needs for her surgery. Clarissa has been a little worried because Jason didn't call her the day before.

It wasn’t the first time he saw a dialophone, a lot of the rainbow catchers who came here had some, it was making it easier for them to share information when they were running in the desert. But it was something so expensive that he never thought Jason could have one.
“I’m going to work on the bike”, he said getting up noticing that Jason just wanted to be alone. He was feeling a bit left out. After all if he was going to look for a rainbow for this girl as well, he felt that he should also know her. He left the room anyway leaving the breakfast on the table for Jason to finish it later. Jason sat back at the table and turned on the dialophone. The circular screen opened waiting for Clarissa to take the call. He didn’t have to wait long her screen wasn’t even opened that she was already yelling in the small device.
“Why didn’t you call me yesterday? I was so worried”, she said.
She actually looked very worried. Her eyes were dark all around as if she didn’t get enough sleep and red as if she had been crying a lot. Jason knew that the separation was being hard on her and realized he needed to be more careful.
“I’m sorry, I had a lot going on here”, he said.
“Like what, you are gone for one day and you already forget about me”, she answered, she was about to cry again.
“I can tell you the all story and I promise I will call more often”, he said.
“Anything dangerous”, she answered.
“Not really but I think I’ll be find because I found a guarding angel”, Jason answered thinking about how Alban had just saved his life. A cold feeling ran down his spine. He imagine how Clarissa would have been feeling if he had disappeared so easily in the desert.
“A angel, with wings and that can fly and everything?” Clarissa asked opening big eyes suddenly revived by the extraordinary imaginative thought the world angel had put in her young mind.
“Not exactly”, Jason said and he started to explain how the bike had broken down, and how he was trying to fix it in the street when Alban had shown up out of nowhere and asked it if he needed help. He told her that the desert food was delicious that he was happy to rest all night and that as soon as the bike would be repaired he would run after the rainbow born last night. Clarissa listened impatiently asking a lot of questions. She wanted to know everything from what he ate to everything he had said to Alban, the color of the sky, if it wasn’t too hot.

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