Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello, today I spent the day going around Landau island in Hong Kong. I finally managed to partially get rid of my headache so it's time to try and catch up on the A-to-Z challenge. Once you're finished here don't forget to see the other participants at

Today we are going to see a little part at the very beginning of Demon Soul when Brownie has been trying in vain to get Yue's soul back.


It was a dark day, following a dark week and Brownie already knew that this would happen. She had been fighting it for weeks now but it was already too late. Even if she could save him, his love was already dead. It left with his memory changing. Brownie watched him leave for the last time with tears falling from her eyes, knowing his soul had died, long ago. She knew that he wasn't the one she fell in love with, and she knew he was a completely different person, unable to love her anymore. But those thoughts didn't make it easier, seeing him walking away from her again reminded her of her vain quest to bring him back. Maybe she would try again, not for his love, just to give him his soul back, that would be the last thing she could do for him, but despite weeks of efforts, she hadn't found the way yet.

When she first met him, she knew he was the love of her life, behind his demonic manner, she had seen his soul, a beautiful purple light dancing in his grey eyes. In few seconds, it had stolen her heart. Then she had worked so hard to make him love her, to make him believe that her love for him was beyond his demonic condition, beyond his powers, to make him believe that she could love him, no matter what. She was there when he came back from fights in the Demon World covered in blood, and she was there to bring him back when his dark side was devouring him. Each time his purple soul was dancing in his grey eyes and each time he was coming back for her.
"You make me feel strange", he had said. "It's normal for a demon to feel unloved".
Then she had promised to make him feel loved every day and that made him laugh. But now it was all gone, that time it was different. When he came back after one more fight that night, he didn't rush flying through the window, he calmly knocked at the door and apologised for the trouble caused. Something broke in her heart, she instinctively knew that something was wrong but she couldn't put a name on it. For the next few days, he acted like a ghost and had violent crises due to headaches, pushing her away when she wanted to help. Finally, he started to space their meetings. She cried, yelled and questioned him, but the only answers she obtained was that everything was fine, that she was the one acting strangely. In despair, she locked herself in the library, reading books about demons and magic, looking for an answer, looking for a way to bring him back. But all was vain.

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