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I know, I know this T day was on Wednesday and I'm a little late on my A-to-Z challenge posts. To my defence I reached 93809 words for Camp NaNoWriMo last night and I'm intended to reach my 100k words goal today so... I know excuses sucks, they are totally lame and I got to stand for what I believe and stop making them and get all my posts done. So here we go, the T-word is Timidity. Once you're finished here don't forget to see the other participants at

This is a part of one of my to-be-written novels. I know I have many many, way to many of these. Int: Seiji had been rescued by Isakael while growing his wings, Isakael had brought him to his house. (You know the same house as usual with way too many characters in it and all this bizarre passage to different worlds.) And Seiji is crushing on Saphira, yes the Saphira from Blue Angel, not Seti's sister who is Samira, the girl who can local people on a map. Ok, that's complicated, but I'll give you all my books for free if you ask nicely and I promise it all perfectly makes sense.


Seiji looked at her through the window of the living room. It was the middle of the night and she was dancing in the moonlight once again.
He had moved to her house but he had never dared to talk to her. There were so many people in here, so many way to hide.
"Saphira is really something else, isn't she?" Isakael was behind him, moving closer with his strange unbalanced way of walking as if the huge wings in his back were too heavy for him.
"I'm sorry," Seiji said pushing back the curtain closed.
"About what?"
In the darkness of the room, the wings of the angel didn't seem so white anymore and for some reason he couldn't understand Seiji felt a little frighten.
"I don't know, I better go back to bed," he said but Isakael stopped him as he pass nearby holding him by the end.
"It's because of her that you are here, she needs you, as much as you need her," the angel said.
"I'm sorry," Seiji repeated.
"Don't be so timid. I want to make sure everything is all right for every one in the house before I leave," Isakael said.
"I... where are you going?" Seiji asked.
Isakael was the one who had made his wings grow, who had saved him. I couldn't do without him around.
"I'm not sure yet, you see, soon my wings will be as dark as yours and I'm not sure how long I can still hold the one inside of me," Isakael said. "Don't be shy and go talk to her, now, you owe me one remember?"
Seiji turned to the window and the closed curtain behind which Saphira was dancing.
"I can't," Seiji said.
Isakael pushed him to the window and opened it with one swift motion.
"Saphira, someone wants to talk to you," he yelled.
Saphira looked up and smiled.
Isakael pushed Seiji through the window. Seiji extended his dark wings and landed lightly on the grass bellow, a nervous hand stroking his hair.

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