Thursday, April 24, 2014

095/365 Little lizard

Today was a lucky picture day, lots of flowers, a lizard and even a snake. But the lizard pics was the best, I guess. I wasn't the only one taking pictures on the road this morning, there was another girl. I wanted to talk to her but as I am me, I wouldn't dare. Then she stopped to take a picture of flowers that I already shot few days ago. So I continued and suddenly yelled. There was a snake in front of me, damn that surprised me. The next behind me looked at me as if I was crazy when the snake was moving on and the guy walked passed it like there was noting there, really who is the crazy one. So I waited for the snake to stop sometimes a girl got to be brave I mean I'm doing a photo challenge so I need exotic stuff after all. So it was half hidden in the leafs when it stopped and I took the picture and then the girl from before, yeah you had forgotten about her I know, came over to ask me what the hell I was taking a picture of and we talked about the snake and how creepy that was and then his little lizard came out. I'm sure the snake was after it but I didn't stick around to watch. Anyway I took the pics of the lizard and then went up the stairs chatting with the girl until we reached the university. So yeah today was a nice picture day. And just because I feel like it even if that's a bit cheating for the challenge I'm adding a picture of the snake.

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