Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday cinema: Under the Tuscan Sun

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Hello and welcome to a new Thursday cinema.

The movie of this week is Under the Tuscan Sun and first, I have to apologize because I didn't read the book first, damn, the reason is, I didn't know there was a book before watching it.

Storie: Frances is a writer with a perfect life in San Fransisco which all turns sour when she discover that her husband is cheating on her. After a divorce where she loses everything, she sunk into depression. Her friends decide to send her on holidays to Italy where she falls in love with a Tuscan villa.

My feelings: This movie is encouraging and inspiring and I really enjoyed the characters even though I don't see how Frances manages to fall in love with such a beaten up house. I like the was Frances handles things except for her mess love life. Italian landscape are extremely beautiful and she seems to adapt pretty well to her new live. I liked the diversity around her as well. It's also a prove that time heals and so does a change of scenery.

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