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I think people who also follow my Sunday snippets are going to agree if you say irritating you have to talk about Kelpie. Well here is a little part of Blue Angel which draft I just finished for Camp NaNoWriMo few days ago where Kelpie is the one getting irritated. It's still unedited so don't kill me if something doesn't sound quite right.

Here is the first meeting between Kelpie and Jezabel when she is thrown in his cell. Kelpie doesn't believe in God the way Jezabel does.


"Bring the girl!” she said.
Kelpie heard someone being dragged again further away in the corridor. 
 "What are you doing to Kali...” he started. 
The girl was thrown to his feet. She rise herself up looking at Kelpie with tears in her eyes, her face already worn the brown stain of the child who wiped his tear too often with dirty hands. Large light blue feathered wings were resting in her back. Kelpie had a sight of relief, this was not Kallisto. As much as he wanted to see her, he didn't want her in this place. 
"She will keep you company, I hope you'll enjoy,” the queen said with a smirk cutting a hole in her left cheek. 
For an instant, Kelpie thought that her eyes were once more the blue color they should have, a light of lucidity but he soon decided otherwise as she walked through the door which was hastily closed behind her. 
He walked back to the only corner of the room which was getting some sunlight from a hole in the wall, to far up to be reached and too small to be passed through, without another look at the girl. He didn't need company, he needed it to rain so that humidity would feel the room, he just needed few drop of water from the outside to be able to get out of here.
The girl didn't move an inch, she was breathing heavily as if she had been crying a lot, she reminded him of Kallisto the last time he saw her. He sighted and looked at the wall, it was a lot better than to look at her. He couldn't figure out what kind of species she was, he had never seen wings like that before, the light blue color of them was, disturbing, like out of place.She sniffle but he refused to give her any attention, for all he knew, she could be a spy. He hoped that Kallisto was better treated than he was treating this girl, his heart pinched a little bit but he couldn't risk delivering any information to the fairy queen even if he didn't know what she expected him to know, the demons were not really his friends, he had no friends.
"You're hurt,” the voice of the girl seem shy, Kelpie guessed that she hadn't speak in a while because of crying. “Let me have a look,” she said. 
Kelpie turned his head to look at her, she was still kneeling on the cold floor, her dress might have been of an immaculate white before but now it was dirty and throne. She was looking at him with the same wet tearing hazelnuts eyes as if asking for permission to come closer.
"Are you a spy or something? Cause I know nothing and I don't have anything to say” Kelpie said looking away. 
It seemed like she took it as an encouragement because she smiled in return but he looked away again. She pushed herself up to her feet with both hands, it seemed to be painful. 
"I'm not a spy, I'm an angel,” she said slowly coming closer to it, “that's why I need to have a look at you.”
Kelpie looked up at her, she was small. He didn't remember ever seeing a girl that small at least for a specie that wasn't part of the fairy World. 
"You can't be an angel, your wings are blue,” he said, “just leave me alone.”
"I don't know why my wings are this way. They said I was a bad angel but I didn't do anything wrong,” she said sniffling again. Apparently it was a sensitive topic. “Please let me look at your checks, if I don't cure it, things will get a lot worse.”
Kelpie left bloody fingers to his check where the fairy queen had punched it, it was still swallowed.
"Your hands too,” the angel said. 
"If you cure me, it will get a lot worse for you, you'll get hurt, that's what happens to the angel I know at least, why do you want to cure me and get hurt for? You don't even know me,” Kelpie said. 
"Because that's what angels do, we have to cure people no matter how painful it is,” she said. 
"I never heart of that one,” Kelpie answered. 
 “It's my duty, if I'm a bad angel, my wings will get even bluer, that's what they say, I need to follow my duty,” she answered. 
“That's stupid,” Kelpie said, “Why follow something that hurts you?”
It was one things to be cure and he would have liked that, but hurting a girl in the process wasn't as appealing and at least while talking about her, she wasn't retrieving any information from him. 
“It's the will of god that you were hurt, if I cure you, I need to be punished because I went against his will, that's why I take your pain, because it asked me too,” she tried to explain but the concept didn't really go through Kelpie's head so well, for him it was really all truly nonsensical. 
"So God hurt me so that he could hurt you without letting you know,” he answered. 
"Oh no, he wouldn't do anything like that really, he is really, really nice,” she answered. 
"Well if he is that nice, why are you in this creepy place? You seem to do everything he says.” Kelpie said. 
"Because sometimes, what he wants is a bit complicated. Will you let me take a look at your cheeks?” she asked again.
She was the persistent type and Kelpie was starting to get annoyed. Normally he would be the one making up insane stories while Kallisto would listen, he wondered how she could bear with listening. 

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  1. This gives me a different view of Kelpie. Here, he's not quite so irritating : )