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Welcome to the R day of the A-to-Z challenge. Today's word is "Rejected". Once you're finished here don't forget to see the other participants at

Kallisto keeps on rejecting Kelpie's wedding proposal. She doesn't want to marry Kornelius either. Here we'll see one of the worth rejection ever as she is herself in a very bad position at that moment. I'm not showing you the previous one because they already appeared on Sunday for the Week-end Writing Warriors post.


Kelpie was finally in front of the door. The guards had fallen asleep around him. He didn’t like to use magic it was too unpredictable but his potion worked really well to make people sleep even if you could never predict the side effects. It could go from light headache to high fever and hallucinations.
He didn’t even know what he was going to say to her. “Let’s go home” sounded like the best idea but at the same time they weren’t safe home anymore. If the fairies had managed to enter the garden once, they could do it again, fairy magic was a lot different than what had leaked to the Human World. He put the key in the lock and turned it slowly taking a deep breath. She was sitting on the bed, holding her knees tight against her chest. She seemed weaker than ever, he had never seen her without a smile on her face before, she was smiling even when she was angry but this time was different.
She turned her head towards him as he entered the room.
“Ke… Ke… Kelpie,” she managed to mutter. The words seemed to be going out of her throat painfully, as if she had been anxiously crying so much that her vocal cords were tight.
“Just marry me,” he said. The words had come out faster than he had expected.
“Oh, yes, no doubt it’s you,” she said slowly. Her voice recovering a little bit of strength, “nobody else in this world can be that stubborn. I was happy to see you, I thought…” She paused and sobbed as if the words were more painful to say than she had expected. “I thought for a second that you were here to bring me home.”
She turned away in distress, looking fixedly at the wall as if trying to see through it the place where she wanted to be.
“You can’t marry Kordelius, be reasonable, it was really hard for me to get here,” Kelpie said taking few steps toward her bed. “If you agree to marry me now, we have both hope to escape, if you marry him… something terrible will happen… this world… it shouldn’t be the way it is… and the balance will be broken soon, we have to run…” he kneeled near her. “We have to escape.”
He took her face to turn it towards him. Her cheeks were cold with dried tears.
“I don’t care about this world, I don’t know this people, I don’t know what they want from me,” she said trying to turn her head away from him but he griped her firmly. “If you agree to marry me now, if we say the spell together, we can go, we will be free,” Kelpie said.
She looked at him silently with empty eyes.
“Please, say something,” he answered after a moment letting go of her head.
She turned back to look at the wall without a word. Kelpie stayed looking at her. She seemed like a totally different person now, and he didn’t like it. Something inside of him started to yell.
“She is your friend, the one listening to you all the time even when you never listen to her and now she is calling for help and you are more selfish then a human.”
The little voice inside of him which had always been laughing at everything and everyone around for their stupidity was finally laughing at him. He was laughing at himself, at his own stupidity for not being able to find the answer to his most immediate problem.
“Damn it!” he yelled.
Kallisto startled. He took her by the hand.

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