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Today's world is quiet so I'm going to talk about my most quiet character Lawan who is half human, half mermaid. This is a part of the story leading to the passage of Demon Soul where Brownie is reading a story to Lawan and Sahel. Luna is a bit of a pain, continuously through Demon Soul as well.


 "Give me the ball immediately," Luna said.
"Why? It's not forbidden to play with the ball in the garden," Leo answered.
"But you can't play near the fairy tree, you're gonna hit the fairies," Luna said.
Leo threw the ball at the tree's trunk and caught it back. 
"There is no fairies, you're crazy, there is nothing at all here," Leo laughed. 
Luna was raging but it was a boy, he was stronger. All she could do was to try to catch the ball, but it was scaring her a little and it was too fast. The fairies were pulling on her hair to get her attention but she had to take care of Leo first.
Lawan sat on the swing listening to them. 
"You want me to play with you," Tornade said in her back. 
The little girl smiled at the unicorn who started to push her with its nose.
"I got it," Luna said triumphing, "Now should I throw it away in the fairy world?" 
She tiptoed to get to the large hole in the tree's trunk.
"You know we can't find anything once it's been put down there," Leo said, "Give it back."
"Hum, maybe I'll give it back," Luna said the ball at the limit to fall in the tree if she was to open her hand. "But you have to swear that you will never ever say that the fairies don't exist and that you will never ever throw a ball or anything or play any boy game near the fairy tree and never ever climb it either."
"Ok, ok I'll do that," Leo said.
Lawan looked at Tornade and put her hand on its nose. Images flashed in the unicorn mind. 
"I'll see what I can do," the unicorn answered.
"You have to swear and repeat all of it," Luna said.
"That's too many things for a ball, and I don't remember," Leo complained.
"So you prefer for me to drop it, because I can," Luna said.
"That's enough," Tornade said before taking the ball from Luna's hand between its teeth and throwing it back to Leo.
"Why did you do that?" Luna asked.
"Just stay away from the tree, boy," Tornade said.
Leo pulled is tongue out at Luna and ran away.
Tornade went back to pushed Lawan on the swing.
"Why did you do that? And why are you playing with her?" Luna said.
"Because it's not good for you to ask things like that of people, and you might have dropped his ball by accident," Tornade said. 
Luna stood in front of the swing and stopped it with both hands on the cords.
"You are not supposed to pushed people on the swing, you are a unicorn," Luna said.
"But it's fun," the unicorn answered.
Luna too Lawan by the sleeve and pulled her up.
"Don't play with Tornade anymore, it's forbidden," she said.
Lawan made a move to touch Luna's check but Luna too a step back.
"She just want to talk to you," Tornade said.
"But I don't want to talk to her, we have more important things to do and her hands are all dirty," Luna said.
Lawan started to cry and ran back to the house.

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