Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Welcome to the N day of the A-to-Z challenge. Once you're finished here don't forget to see the other participant at

Today we are going to see a new story made especially for the challenge. A lot of you might remember Mikala from Demon Soul, well, she is not only an obnoxious anti-demon girl, before coming to the house at the crossing of the world, she used to live with her dad and give piano concerto.

This was the last girl before her, she was playing ok. Mikala had to convince her that the girl was just playing ok, that she was in this room surrounded by other girls her age too well dressed for a bare Sunday afternoon because she was also able to play ok, just ok.
"She is really fabulous," another girl said on her right. 
That wasn't helping.
"Ok, just ok," Mikala repeated all for herself. 
If she started to listen and to notice how great the girl in front of her was, how her fingers were racing on the keys, stroking them barely or giving them all her powers she was going to panic. 
"She is just ok," she repeated in her mind trying to forget about the others in the room. She was holding both her elbow with her hands. Hopefully, she couldn't see her finger white up with the pressure. She used to twist them but she was scared to break them before it was her turn. She had started to bite her nails too but she had the horrible feeling that she was going to bleed all over the white keys. This had to be a nightmare, she would soon wake up and it would all be over.
"It's almost your turn Mikala", her teacher said in her back, "oh are you feeling?"
"Ok," Mikala answered.
The young man smiled. Mikala wondered what he was doing here, all the other students had old ladies in dark dressed to take care of them but she had an handsome young teacher. Today she couldn't remember how happy she was about it. 
"Just remember what we discussed about the second passage and you'll be fine," he said. "Do you want some water?"
Her throat was dry but she had already been to pee three time in the last half hour and she was almost sure that she would need to pee while playing if she was to drink anything else. Just thinking about it made her feel like going to the toilet but the music stopped and people started to clap. This couldn't be. It was too sound. The girl walked passed her with a smile and she felt the hand of her teacher in her back before being projected in the centre of the light.   
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