Tuesday, April 8, 2014


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Today I introduce you a back up story of Demon Soul, in the novel, we know that Yue's soul has been stolen by the demons but we don't know how it happens, here is a little enlightenment for you.


Yue pushed the front door wondering if he was really home. It somehow looked familiar. Two people were talking on the left, he only recognize one of the voices but he couldn't be sure. He wasn't sure of anything. He took out the brown bag out of his pocket still wondering why these two demons had given him drugs for free. It didn't look like the normal red powder either. He was confused. The voices were arguing. 
"I told you we needed to get him a real name," his mother pleaded. 
He wasn't sure she was his mother or not but if this was actually his house, it would make sense if she was his mother. 
"We both wanted a daughter, we couldn't afford another son and you know it," the man answer, he had to be his father. 
"But see what happened now, I can't deal with it," his mother said. "It's our fault." "The boy made his own choice," the man answered. 
They were talking about him, Yue was a girl name after all, he had to be at the right place. What had the demons said again? It would make you remember, that's what they had said. Yue turned a little blue glittering pill between his finger. 
"It's our fault and you know it, even when he was a baby he was different, the dark in his eyes would vanish to show something almost human then come back again." His mother said. 
"He has been dating a human girl, that was his choice, I didn't force him," his father said. 
A human girl, Yue didn't remember any human girl, that would be funny to date one though, they didn't have wings. You could out fly them everywhere. 
"But you let them take it from him," his mother said. 
"Oh! Yes, so now it's my fault is that it, your son is a weirdo and you are going to blame it on me," his father said. 
There was shattered glass. 
"OUR SON, OUR SON that we treated like a daughter all his life," his mother said, "Don't you see what we did to him don't you feel wrong or apologetic even." 
"He made his own decision," his father said, "I have nothing to feel guilty about." 
"My own decision" Yue thought. 
He placed the pill on his tongue and shallow it, without water it was a bit hard and it stayed stuck in his throat then he remembered, they had come three weeks ago, demons from the Brotherhood, he thought they were going to recruit him, he was proud, until they took his soul and with it, his memory.

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  1. Wow. I love the tone of this piece; very dreamlike. The last sentence gave me chills: "They took his soul, his memory." Well done.

    This is A. Catherine Noon, visiting from the Noon and Wilder blog for the A-Z Challenge, #1554 on the list. Happy blogging!

  2. This piece definitely keeps you wanting more...great!

  3. Very intriguing piece and haunting but a great story and post!

  4. Fascinating story and that last line - Great! ☺