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Welcome to the F day of the A-to-Z challenge.
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Today we start with a part of a new story that might some days be written, but is still on the to-be-written list for the moment. Alberic is a little druid who has been rescued from dark druids. They have implanted all their knowledge into his mind and that gives him incredible nightmare.


Alberic closed his eyes reluctantly. It was time to sleep again and Gideon was still not back. 
"If I had a nightmare," he thought. "No, when the nightmare arrives, I'll be all alone." 
He was too tired to fight against his sleepiness, soon the darkness came over him. The druids were singing, it was his initiation, like every night, in his dream because they couldn't reach him. The song of the dead. The voice of his mother, her fight against them until her last breath to make sure they wouldn't get him. The sound of the drums, faster and faster, her blood every where, the druids serious faces and him, an older version of him, standing in the middle of their circle in his druid white robe contrasting with their darkness. Him, alone with no powers, disconnected from his real family, all he could do was to pass his thoughts on. 
"You are back to us, Alberic," the druid with the longest bear started. 
"Never," Alberic said. 
"It his time for you to transfer all our knowledge to the next generation," the druid continued. 
There was a girl, about his age, attached to the dolmen with a knife under her throat and Alberic knew that they wanted him to do to her. The same his father had been forced to do to his mother, or did he do it willingly? Create a child with nightmares to carry the druids darkest thoughts. Alberic wondered where the girl was coming from. She was dressed like someone from the city. He could see the fear on her face, the same fear that had been present inside of him all his life. Alberic was tired to be scared. The drums started to beat in his ears so loud that they might as well make his deaf. A language he didn't know repeated the same and same words over and over again, every night with different images, blurry, incomprehensible, frightening. Alberic yelled sitting up but didn't wake up, he continued yelling with his eyes opened unable to see anything but the image the druids had put inside of his mind.

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