Friday, April 4, 2014


Welcome to the D day of the A-to-Z challenge.
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Let's continue our exploration of emotions. Today Ayokunle gets disappointed. This story in a side story of my novel Demon Soul. In the novel, this part of Ayokunle is just mentioned when he and Gideon arrived to see Brownie in the library. 


Ayokunle was sitting on the couch in the middle of his little sibling watching a cartoon. It was really intense. The little fish family had been eaten by a bigger fish and it was just him and his father left. But then he was caught by a human and this father went to a big adventure to find him back.
"I wish I could breath under water like a fish," Ayo said innocently.
"Me too," Noah answered.
"Me too," Nkosana said "then I'll be able to go everywhere on the planet and see so many weird fishes and play with them."
"Yes, that would be awesome," Ayo said. "I so wished I was a fish."
"Stop it," Isakael's voice snapped. "Ayokunle, how many time do I have to tell you not to wish anything? You know what happens when you make a wish or did you forget yet."
"I know but..." Ayokunle started feeling like crying.
"There is no but, if you wish something, you'll get hurt again, it will be very painful," Isakael said, "Just like when you grew your wings."
"But the others said it too," Ayokunle sniffled.
"The others wishes don't come true in pain like you do," Isakael said. "You should stop thinking about it, right now before the transformation begun."
Ayokunle's wings appeared in his back through the holes in his shirt and he flew out of the room soon caught by Gideon.
"You know Isakael is right," Gideon said.
"But the others can wish everything they want," Ayo said between tears.
"Because for them there are no consequences, Isa just want to protect you," Gideon said.
"But I really wanted to be a fish, but not today, the sea is too far, nothing would have happen to me," Ayo said crying pitifully.
"But you can't be sure about that," Gideon said rushing his hair, "come on, let's go say hello to Brownie, shall we?"

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  1. Hi Linda; Interesting story. Nice to see you here, in the A2Z realm. ☺
    Debbie @ The Doglady's Den

  2. An A-Z of emotions, interesting. There are so many loaded words starting with D, how did you choose?

  3. Just the first that came to my mind I guess.

  4. Lovely story. Happy A to Z'ing. :)

  5. Life can be full of disappointments. As we get older we get more jaded--or maybe realistic.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog