Friday, April 4, 2014

Blue Angel part 26

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel, it has been a while, I hope you didn't forget all about it. 

Today is a huge part because I'm participating to Camp NaNoWriMo with the looping goal of 100k words for the month. That sounds like madness, that sounds huge, that's sounds crazy well I need something challenging. I can make up 50k words very easily in 20 days. I went to 75k+ last November it was hard but not insurmountable. In the end I don't get any real pleasure with the achievement because I repeat them so often that they seem totally normal to me. I need something that forces me to push myself to my limit. I think 100K is going to do it.
Here is the counter to finish Blue Angel. I think I'll need a little bit more than 50k words to get there but I'm really close to the ending. I can feel it and that's a nice feeling after being lost in the middle for so long. And it's also a little bit unexpected and will leave some place for a sequel. And some side story, I'm not writing a series I'm writing a cluster.

Here is the ticker for this Camp NaNoWriMo, as I'm doing fine so far the daily official goal being 3333 words and my goal being 4000 words. I have a daily average slightly above that.

Some of my writer friends and people in groups of participant to Camp NaNo are complaining a lot about having plot problems. Let's have a look at what is going on here:

1)The group of three bad demons of which only one have had a prominent role so far wants to conquer the world with an army of gods clones and they first need to eliminate the originals, at the moment they want the blue angel.
2)Kamaril wants to dominate the world and that for needs his trident back to full potential so he made a deal with the bad above ^^ to exchange it with the blue angel.
3)Ezechiel wants to get rid of all the gods so that he can dominate the world alone. He made an alliance with same three bad to kill the gods and with the white queen of the fairy to lock some of them up including, the blue angel.
4)The white queen fairy wants to get her power back from the new queen Amarelis and to destroy Seth, she doesn't care much about other gods but she is still running after the escaped blue angel for Ezechiel.

And that's only for the bad guys so lets have a look at the good guys:

1) Isakael wants to get the blue angel to his place to protect her.
2) Kallisto wants to find Kelpie so Seti wants to find Kelpie too. But they both end up comatose and need to deal with their own problems.
3) Azazel and Sahel are still looking for Kelpie but they need to get Amarelis first to save Kallisto and Seti. They have no clue about the blue angel. And they are half in charge of saving the Fairy World.
4) Kelpie wants to escape and protect the blue angel.
5) The centaurs and Morgan wants the stars back and so do the rest of the fairies.
6) Viorel and Gideon want to close the vortex in the living room.
7) Samira wants her life back but know that it's not going to happen.
8) Evalynn wants to escape her dad.
9) Brownie wants to demonstrate that she is a great witch and solve everyone's problems and stopped being looked down too as a human.
10) Yue wants his memory back but Deborah enters the equation.
11) Deborah is confused about what she wants.
12) Torsti and Odeon want to find Lonan.
13) Lonan wants to escape, find his brothers, make a mess, etc, etc...
14) The blue angel well you'll see cause I can't tell you everything or you'll hate me and there is already enough spoilers in here.

So if that can hold in a story and get near a potential ending, I don't see what people with 2 characters and 3 back ups are complaining about. Plus you'll never know the full plot until you reach the end of the story because you can plot all you want it doesn't work that way, characters emotions always lead to the unexpected.  Just quit writing and stop whining damn it. 

Anyway, here is the last part of Blue Angel. I hope you'll enjoy and don't forget to Enlarge this document in a new window for a better reading experience.

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