Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hump day hook 30

Welcome to a new Hump Day Hook, this week is romance week and I will share with you a little part of Demon Soul. Brownie remembers her time with Yue at the beach.

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Brownie was deep in thought too, now she understood everything better. Once she had been with Yue at the beach and as they were sitting on the sand and he had taken a stick and started to write strange characters on the wet sand.

“That’s my name in the demonic language”, he said.

“That’s beautiful”, she said.

“That’s a girl name though”, he said laughing, “you see that parts here, it’s only for girls.”

“Why do you have a girl name?” she had asked.

“Well, you see I’m the youngest of seven boys and raising demon boys is not the easiest thing to do so my parents wanted to have a girl very badly and they decided that if they called me Yue which is a girl name I would be easier to deal with”, he said, “That wasn’t really easy at the beginning but I got used to it. I like my name now it makes me feel different.”

“That’s because you’re special”, she said.

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  1. Interesting a boy demon with a girl name. I wonder if he really is easier to handle.