Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Demon Soul Chapter 6

Hello and welcome to a new reading of Demon Soul!

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Last week, Sahel went through the acquisition of his air power and that was troublesome for Brownie, hopefully her Brothers were around to help and to make sure the temperature in the secret room in the library was warm enough. Today, Sahel's troubles are not finished, remember he still have three powers to get as a baby. 

I'm a little bit less tired this week, I had some good results at work, finally. When I say work I mean physics, nothing to do with writing except that I'm writing a paper at the moment. It's like writing is always running after me. Any way, less cuts due to yawning in the video but unfortunately I became a bit monotonous at some point but it doesn't last too long, I caught up at the end. I also had problem pronouncing unicorn but you won't see that.
I hope you'll enjoy! 

Without letting you wait any longer, here is Chapter 6 of Demon Soul.

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