Friday, March 14, 2014

Goodreads reading challenge

Sometimes (most of the time?) I like to make things hard on myself. This years, I decided to read 100 books which is probably going to happen because last year I read 43. Right, I hope you see the logic here, totally makes sense. At the moment, I read 12 books which makes it a little bit more than one book a week which is not bad but still leaves me 7 books behind schedule. You can see the all things here if you are interested.

When I asked people to participate with me it went from a flat "no" to something more like "I won't read 100 books in a year" which literally makes me want to prove that it can be done even more. Also I didn't mean for everyone to read 100.

Thing is I'm still on the 6 week challenge at the moment (details about that tomorrow with a bit of ranting) so I'm mostly reading in Japanese with a rate of 10 pages an hour which is like super slow and doesn't help my reading schedule much, even if it does wonder for my Japanese. The 6 week Challenge will happen again with other challenges all around the year, like for example Camp NaNoWriMo + A-to-Z challenge next month (and my 365 photo challenge). I think this time I really set hard expectation on myself but I won't take it back. 

I'll be putting reviews of the books I read on goodreads, at least in English and French because I don't have a high understanding enough to put reviews for Japanese books. Please go have a look at them. I'm not really good at writing proper reviews I would rather give my feelings on the writing and the story and characters.But at least you'll see how diversified my reading can be.

Anyway, that being said the challenge is giving me the opportunity to read books that I probably wouldn't have read otherwise, I'm mostly reading classics but I came across some good stuff like this one.

I read it in one evening from 5pm until 3am, that's how good it really is. I'm sure I'll get a lot more surprises on the way. So stick with me, I'll tell you all about them. 

And if you are also having a reading challenge of some sort, just let me know. If it's on goodreads, add me and let's talk.
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