Sunday, April 7, 2013


The sound of thunder shook Gideon's body as he startled again. He passed a hand around his candle to calm down the flam. At this rate it was going to extinguish soon and he would be in the darkness. He progressed slowly and touched the door handle. It was there. He was still wondering why he was standing here in his pajama, why he had accepted Sedana's request. Maybe because he was new here and needed friends.

Would it finally possible to make friends? Could he really make friends this way?

It had never really worked. First he had blamed it on the traveling part. He never stayed in the same place for more than three months. He thought that people needed time to get used to others. But he knew that it wasn't the real reason. People were feeling it, that something different and strange about him.
This place could be different, at least he would stay here until graduation and people here were as strange as him. Maybe this was a test, something he had to go through to be accepted, or expelled. He took a deep breath. That was the reason Sedana had asked him to do it. He was going to get caught up in the middle of the night in a part of the school were he wasn't supposed to be. He could always fake sleepwalking, after all he used to sleepwalk every night, scaring people around and getting him expelled from so many dormitories. He wondered if they would expel him for sleepwalking here. Maybe not.
He pushed on the handle, it was hard, it felt rusty in his hand. As he pushed more it squeaked, he looked around wondering if someone else had hurt the noise, moving his candle in the distance but there was nobody to be seen. He pushed on the door. It was heavy and old, it smell like forest wood and it cracked as he pressed his shoulder on it. He sighed, this was not what he had imagined for his first day at school.

"Happy Birthday!"

The light suddenly went on in the room. Gideon startled again this time extinguishing his candle. His classmates were standing in front of him, Sedana and his sister in front of them, he noticed mentally that he still didn't even have time to memorize their names.

"Come on hurry! the candles are already melting all over the cake" Sedana said. 

Gideon is a character of Demon Soul, Attic Mirror and "Demon World".  


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