Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

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  New Year has come and it's time for every one to start working on the (un)famous New Year Resolutions.
If you do a little bit of reading through the internet, you will notice two current of thoughts. The first being a bunch of people traditionally listing their new resolutions for the current year and the second people telling that it's absolutely useless and that good resolution won't do anything for you if you don't have a serious plan, that they are too vague, that you can decide to do it at any time during the year so why the hell wait until January 1st like everyone else. And that you'll give up before the end of January anyway. 
  Any of you already gave up ? I know I didn't. I just have been a little bit delayed, traveling to France, moving to Sendai completely which is still ongoing as I'm living in a castle of boxing right now. (Updates on both coming soon). 
But I won't give you a list of my New Year Resolution or more accurately New Projects and Challenges, I'll let you discover them slowly through the blog.
So which current am I at ? Well, a little bit of both. I'm starting new challenges all through the year whether with study, writing, reading (more about this soon) so making a list of resolutions is not really going to do much. I think resolution time is more like a way of looking at what you have accomplished this year and to figure out way to improve during the year to come. Then I also agree that goals are more achievable if they are cut into little pieces. I'll give you an example from my personal New Year Resolution list :

I want to learn Japanese : 
 1) Watch drama
 2) Watch anime
 3) Read Manga (with reading contest help)
 4) Read Novels
 5) Do SRS repetitions
Telling yourself every day that you have to learn a language is not going to help you because you already know that anyway, you already decided it. It sounds overwhelming to look at everything you don't understand in your target language and to realize that you only have 30 minutes to work on it today so what the hell what is 30 minutes anyway, totally useless, right ? 
Well if I tell you that it's time to watch "Bleach" in Japanese even though you don't understand the intro song completely it's not going to hurt you to watch one episode which is less than 30 minutes then to realize 6 episodes later that it might be time to cook diner, I don't know, it kinda work for me at the moment. 

Anyway no matter what your own resolutions are, don't give up on them, don't give up on your dreams even if you can manage them only 5 minutes at a time or five minutes a day, things will ultimately get done.

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