Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The start of NaNoFiMo : Demon world part 7

So I won NaNoWriMo twelve days ago but as you would have noticed if you read the current ongoing draft of "Demon World", the novel is far from being finished yet. Therefor as I mostly do every December now, I started NaNoFiMo, the Novel Finishing Month.
I lost the first challenge which was for me to write 2500 words on December 1st. It was a Friday, I'm a bit on a rush in general on Friday between finishing the work of the week and going to Chofu to attend to my normal life.
But I managed to win the second challenge which was to get 25% of your words planned for the month before the 7th. My planned word count is 40000. So I should have written 10000 words for the challenge but entered 15000, as 10000 sounded like not much and  I succeeded.
New characters are appearing, the human world is going crazy in the house. Well you'll see.
I'll post the new part for you to read here as soon as yudu stops giving me a hard time, that is if I don't decide to upload my stuff somewhere more efficient.
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