Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011

It's November again, which means it's time for writing, writing and even more writing. I know I'm already in possession of two brilliant but unfinished novel and that starting a third one doesn't sound so much like a brilliant idea but seriously what would be November without a NaNo.
Plus I'll finish the other some day, I'm really confident about it.
So what is my NaNoWriMo all about this year ?
A detective story. With brand new characters, no magic and no vampire.
Which means that the famous rule "When you don't know what to write put a vampire" can't really save my word count this year. But I really wanted to try something new, maybe get my character a bit more human and able to solve problems without the rescue of magic tricks. Even investigating magic tricks as seriously as I usually do, they are still magic tricks and this time I'll be investigating evidence and human psychology.
Therefore I spend the last months reading books about human psychology especially to cover up the topic of relationship, self esteem, procrastination, passion and depression as my main character is  a little bit of a whiny in the first place. And I have been watching a lot of Japanese detective story drama, as you have probably noticed in the cinema section lately (more coming soon).
I think I'm well armed not to rely too much on Viorel this year, hopefully cause he is still mad at me for not finishing his story yet.

And as you can see my word count is right on track!

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