Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011: Detective story part 1

NaNoWriMo started few days ago and I'm really excited about my new story. It seems incredibly easy to write so far, especially because it's the beginning and I didn't reach yet the part where my lack of planning is going to give me a huge headache. I really like my main character. She is totally unable to focus on the thought at hand and on the task she wants to concentrate one and she is confused by a multitude of contradictory feelings. I made her react in such a way for several reasons. First having a character's thoughts jumping for one topic to another before coming back to the really story is practical to build up the suspense. It also make is easy to hide little details that will have their importance in the rest of the story later. Another aspect of the chaotic mind is that it define the way girls think. For a biological point of view the girl brain is linked from left to right which means that it's really easy for girl to use simultaneously their emotional and logical ability. If my character was only concentrating on fact without taking into account her conflicting emotion I would loose a part of the plot complexity. An other this is the psychological effect of what is happening in her life and how she has to move the other element around. The small flash back are one of the main pattern of deep thinking, "I know this because when I was a kid... " This kind of plot telling has been used extensively in "Slumdog millionaire" when the character has to explain how he figured out the answers to every questions in the game. It makes the story more fascinating as it allow a deeper understanding of the character's past and personality.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy reading this first part as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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And check the word count, it's going really well.

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