Sunday, September 25, 2011

Japan : 神代植物公園の薔薇と温室

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In Mai, the botanic garden in Jindaiji is under the roses season, with means that the hundredth of different species of roses in the garden are blooming at the same time making it a paradise for flower lovers. The perfume of the flowers are in the air as you walk along the long alley of roses bushes, looking at the roses of different shapes and colors and trying to remember the names of your favorites or if you are lucky to memorize it with your camera. After spending the first part of the day in the garden, I went to the greenhouse to have a lot at more exotic species. I took so many pictures that day that it was easier to put them in a video. The song is a Japanese song called Gerbera from a thriller called Synesthesia (or gimi hebun). I hope you'll enjoy.
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