Thursday, September 22, 2011

Japan : 江の島 once again, part 2

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For this trip to 江の島we stay a while near the sea, playing with the waves while trying to get pictures at the moment when they strike the rocky shore the hardest and looking at the eagle. I don't remember seeing so many eagles when I went to 江の島 the first time but this day there were a lot of them flying in circle in the sky, playing with each other and chilling on the rocks. I like eagles.
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Here is a little Native American legend about the eagles :

When the earth was created, a great thundercloud appeared on the horizon. Flashing lightning and thundering it's call, it descended toward the treetops. As the mists cleared, there was an eagle perched on the highest branches. He took flight and flew slowly down to the ground. As he approached the earth, he put forward his foot, and as he stepped upon the ground, he became a man.
For this reason we recognize the eagle as a messenger of the creator, and rely upon him to carry word of our actions to God. When the eagle comes to where we are working, we know that God cares about us and is watching over us.
by D'Arcy Rheault

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