Sunday, July 17, 2011

Singing in Chinese : a whole new world

En français
I have been studying Chinese for a while now and I enjoy learning with music. Vloging is something I enjoy to but it always takes me several hours of intense work to record a song properly. I can't sing straight the first time, the music is never got enough, I take several recording 20, 30 times... I'm never happy with the result. And that's not even talking about putting the all thing together. Anyway, lucky you (if you don't die listening to me) I unexpectedly had a lot of free time on my hand.
So here is the best I could do for this sone. I hope you'll enjoy.

去看看這世界 神奇善良又美麗


張開妳的雙眼 美景在眼前展現


看這世界 擁抱著新的感覺

飛躍在雲間 在星月間 在妳我情誼之間

看這世界 惆悵寂寞曾占心田

有你在身邊 飛在天邊 淚水悲顏已化作為雲煙


去看看這世界 神奇善良又美麗

換個心情 人生到處充滿著新鲜

看這世界 張開妳的雙眼

擁抱這新的感覺 美景在眼前展現

飛躍在雲間 在星月間 在你我濃情蜜誼之間

看這世界 天南地北遨遊

在這嶄新的世界 散盡千萬般心情

有你在身邊 飛在天邊 淚水悲顏已化成雲煙

看這世界 看這世界

在你身邊 在你身邊

新的感覺 新的感覺

在你身邊 在你身邊

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