Friday, April 15, 2011

Failing Script Frenzy

So as the title says, I'm doing Script Frenzy this year again. And as the title says, I'm failing at it this year again.
For those who don't know what Script Frenzy is, let me explain a bit about it.
Script Frenzy is a writing contest taking place during the month of April, and during which you are supposed -I mean if you participate- you are supposed to write a 100-pages long movie script. 100 pages long because that's about the number of pages you need to obtain and average length movie. That being said you can also have a look at their website.
So question time.

What am I writing ?
Well actually nothing much taking my page count into account. More seriously I'm working on two scripts.
The first one is called "The flower". It's my personal script and it's about a guy who has a recurrent dream about this incredible flower and he is trying to find it but apparently he can't. Why would you ever want to see a movie like this or read the script, well I don't know. Just I like it because it's kind of mysterious.
The second one is called "The unknown". It's supposed to be a group script but I have been the only one writing is so far. I will never get how people can be that busy. Anyway I still enjoy writing it on my own. I generally enjoy stuff on my own, that way I don't have to put up with other people requirement. Anyway it's kind of an horror movie even though I have problem to actually create a real horror scene in it so far. That's probably because I'm not so far in the story. It's about a guy who is in this group to defeat vampires or something like that, it's not even properly determine yet if they are vampires or not that's why it's called "The unknown" I suppose.

Why am I failing at it?
Well I could say I started really late already 5 days behind because I was in Taiwan. Because I'm learning Chinese hard core (more about this later). Because I have an amazingly extended social life. Because of qq. Because I'm trying to write 200 pages in a month when most people trying "Script Frenzy" can't even have 100 pages.
Ok I'm stopping there, just giving those excuses to someone else who need them. I mean I just haven't been writing enough and didn't take the time to write. But the good thing is that's not going to last forever, I mean have you ever seen me fail at a writing contest anyway.

The finished script will be uploaded for you to read as soon as I hit the bottom line.

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