Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So annoyed by busy people

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The first thing I should maybe explain is what I mean by "busy".
I mean people who says so often that they are "busy" or "don't have time to do such an such" when in fact if they really wanted to they could probably find the time to do much more.
Maybe it's gonna be better with examples :
" I would really like to speak an other language but I really don't have time at the moment I need to go shopping for food" (For the third time in a week)
"I want my kids to be smart but I can't look at their homeworks cause I'm so busy working"
"I really want to go to /the cinema with you/your party/do some sport/.../ but I need to do that work"
... You see what I mean.

At first I felt guilty (yes yes, seriously) how comes I'm never busy... NEVER...
I want to go somewhere, do something... I just do it, seems pretty simple.
According to the logic of the "busy" people : I'm not supposed to BECAUSE I should be busy too.
AND I should be busy working !!!! Not having fun !!!
If you're busy reading "Angel Sanctuary" during your holidays it doesn't count, if someone ask for something you have to do it cause he is not on holiday, he is busy he doesn't have as much time as you so, just help OK.
Who can pretend reading is a serious activity anyway.
No one will ever dare say to his boss, I'm sorry I didn't to this part of the work cause I was so busy watching Buffy killing vampires... Be realistic a bit !!!
But why not, that would be pretty cool indeed to let the business on fun stuff be as important as the business on serious stuff.
That is where things get very complicated...
I'm NEVER "busy", I tried, seriously, I tried !! It's very very difficult to be that busy !!!
I mean if I got a plan to go hiking for example and a lots of work to do, I'm just gonna manege to have the work done in advance or to delay it to a better time and I even plane the case when I can find something fun to do by accident. If I'm busy, and something unexpected come up, I stop and go back later to my "business".

Then I decided to think a bit more and find out that I got nothing to be guilty about. People are finally never as busy as they pretend to be.
There is just three reasons why people are "busier" than me :

The first one is that they are using the "busy" thing to get rid of something they don't want to do.
Example : I don't want to go to the cinema with you because the movie you choose is totally bad and I hate the main actor anyway. But instead of telling you no I don't want to, I'm going to pretend I'm busy, stay longer at work even if that mean procrastinating and finally really believe that I'm busy, so you're not gonna be disappointed.
Yeah yeah there is a lots of people like that we all know at least one....

The second one is that they want to do it but are afraid to
Example : I want to do that but I'm afraid that people are gonna laugh at me if I fail or something... so I'm pretending to be busy at something else not to do it.
Most of the time they do that unconsciously, I think, I least I hope... that join a bit the cause of procrastination problem I discussed in an other post.

The third one in a question of priority :
My priority is the FUN !!!!
Wait a minute, I do every work on time, every boring daily(what ever) duty on time no problem !!
I just do it so that I can have as much fun as possible, that the thing I end up doing the most is having fun !!!
I can hear some people here : " Yeah, good for you, (but I'm not that organized, euh not that one), but I have important things to do, serious things to do, I'm working and I'm busy..."

Just the point here is I'm annoyed about people always tell me with a smile that I'm so great cause I do things that they can't do, like spending several hours on hobbies, because they are busy.
It's not me who have a problem with time, it's them, I don't have to feel guilty about not wasting my time with pretending to be busy when I'm not. They are just not honest with themselves.

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